American Financial Educators
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Welcome to American Financial Educators!

Workplace problems in America:
  • 35 Million American workers stressed out due to financial concerns
  • 57% of 1st time doctor visits due to financial stress issues
  • Wage garnishments
  • Pay check advances
  • Loans against pension accounts
  • Increased workplace violence
  • Workers average 28 hours/month at work stressed over finances
  • Employee financial stress costs company $8,000 per employee in lost productivity per year
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10 Insider Secrets to Restoring Your Credit
We can help you:
  • Keep your employees focused on their jobs.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Reduce your turnover.
  • Limit your company liability exposure.
  • Improve your bottom line profits.
We never sell or recommend any financial products, therefore:
  • We have no hidden sales agenda.
  • We only teach financial skills to employees.
  • We show them both sides of the sales pitch.

Walt is nationally known as the “National Financial and American Dream Authority” via his popular radio and internet program “Our American Dream Show”. Walt promotes the “Dream” that any American can achieve his life goal through hard work, ability, and perseverance. The show has been rated one of the top Financial Programs in the country and has been broadcast nationally including a worldwide internet audience.

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